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The school has approximately 200 learners enrolled each year and 12 teachers. This equates to a pupil teacher ratio of approximately 17:1. Of course this does not reflect class sizes, because there are teachers who do not have a full teaching loads. Most teachers teach from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Harvest High School is a co-ed school and educates students from the age of 12/13 up to 17/18. There is only 1 class per grade. The average size of the Grade 8 and 9 class is approximately 40 in each. The older grades sometimes have more in each grade because of the split classes when they choose their subject package. This means that in Grade 10 - 12, students are sometimes in a class with only 20 - 25 other learners.

In Grade 8 and 9, the learners are exposed to a variety of subjects, viz. the languages - English, Afrikaans and Zulu, the sciences - Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the humanities - Geography and History, and the skills - Arts and Culture, and Economic Management Sciences (Accounting). They receive counseling and vocational guidance regularly through the Life Orientation lessons.

In the FET Phase, learners choose a subject package to study in their final three years of schooling, usually based on their interests and abilities. The school tries to assist all learners in choosing a package that best suits them. All the packages offered at Harvest High School aim to prepare learners life after matric.

From 2008, all students do 7 subjects (in accordance with the new national curriculum for Grades 10 - 12). Each subject package includes two languages (English or IsiZulu as a Home language, and English or Afrikaans as an additional language). The seventh subject that has been introduced as a compulsory subject is Life Orientation. For more information on the subjects available, please click on the Academics page above.

Admission begins after the 1st term and there is usually an Open Day in the middle of the year. Each parent will be given a prospectus, with all the information about the school. If they decide to enroll their child at Harvest, both the parent and the learner are required to have an interview with the Principal or a head of department.